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Tribeca @Tribeca

"There's been a mistake..." #Oscars https://t.co/UFaJt6bENA

Asia Society @AsiaSociety

Live in Hong Kong? Follow @AsiaSocietyHK to stay up to date on upcoming events and news from the center. https://t.co/mhii9gsfXn

Tribeca @Tribeca

RT @BandryBarry: STILL SPEECHLESS https://t.co/qe3NUDWAHM

Goodman Theatre @GoodmanTheatre

Congrats to @SteppenwolfThtr ensemble member @octarell on his #Oscars win! Thrilled to see the Chicago theater community represented.

Tribeca @Tribeca

What's behind the unusual power of Ruth Negga’s magnificent, flesh-and-blood characterization in LOVING?… https://t.co/QdbHnLJyKM


& we're signing off! Remarkable to see the #Oscars stage full of color to end the night- amazing to see the diversi… https://t.co/kvE8FwoypI

IFP @ifpfilm

Yes, it's real - #IFPALUM @moonlightmov is the Academy Award winner for Best Picture! https://t.co/0UMVMkbpW4


WOW!!! Congratulations to #Moonlight on winning #bestpicture #Oscars https://t.co/jYxk8a3KAA


WOW!!! Congratulations to #Moonlight on winning #bestpicture #Oscars https://t.co/JuFfEckC0o

The Public Theater @PublicTheaterNY

To @octarell & all of the artists at the #Oscars tonight: we are honored to work with you, and alongside you. Let's keep making diverse art.

Tribeca @Tribeca

#Oscars 2017 https://t.co/GhG1P8xwo9

Sundance Institute @sundanceorg

And Best Picture! #oscars https://t.co/drmN3BmWAq

AFI @AmericanFilm

RT @AmericanFilm: Watch director #DamienChazelle explain what he would like you to remember about @LaLaLand. #OscarNoms https://t.co/tzwCjJ