The Time Warner Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation that is wholly supported by Time Warner Inc. and its subsidiary companies Home Box Office, Inc., Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.  Its mission is to seek innovative and powerful ways to discover, nurture and celebrate the next generation of storytellers. The Foundation strives to build impactful partnerships with best-in-class nonprofit organizations that push the boundaries of artist development and support underrepresented storytellers.  The Foundation's ultimate goal is the cultivation of an artistic community that is rich, vibrant and relevant to audiences of today and tomorrow.


Board of Directors

Lisa Garcia Quiroz, President

Gary Ginsberg, Time Warner Inc.

Karen Magee, Time Warner Inc.

Olaf Olafsson, Time Warner Inc.

Sofia Chang, Home Box Office

David Levine, Home Box Office

Quentin Schaffer, Home Box Office

Sarah Aubrey, Turner Broadcasting System

Lauren Hurvitz, Turner Broadcasting System

Rob Sorcher, Turner Broadcasting System

Lisa Gregorian, Warner Bros. Entertainment

Dee Dee Myers, Warner Bros. Entertainment