Film Independent

Film Independent is a crusader of inclusion, supporting a diverse community of innovative voices in the Hollywood. Committed to elevating the work of filmmakers, Film Independent develops filmmakers, helps them make movies and build audiences for their projects, and drives creativity in the film industry.   

Time Warner Foundation’s commitment to investing in the growth of the film industry recognizes and celebrates the successes of Film Independent’s diversity program, filmmaker labs, and support for artists. By mentoring, awarding thousands to Fellows collectively, and marketing projects produced in Film Independent Labs, the organization has changed the narrative, especially with the positive reception of new voices like the critically acclaimed Dear White People by writer, director Justin Simien, who hails from Film Independent’s Project Involve.

As Lead Funder of Film Independent’s Artistic Development Programs, Time Warner Foundation’s grants bring the Documentary Lab, Producing Lab, Directing Lab, Screenwriting Lab, Fast Track, Talent Guide, and Project Involve to the industry. These internationally renowned programs level the playing field so that all of the best storytellers have an equal shot at learning.

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