Reel Works

Reel Works provides a space for the next generation’s filmmakers to discover their passions and tune their voices at a young age.  Through its afterschool program, Reel Works has four major objectives: to develop young talent, to train youth producers, to create credentials for teaching and learning in media, and to create pathways to careers. 

Time Warner Foundation funds this youth program so that tomorrow’s artists can discover and develop their talents without creating a financial burden for their families.  By providing technical experience at an early age, Reel Works appeals to the maximum number of candidates for the future of film.  These experiences are assets to the participants, not only for future careers in media production but to the quality of their lives.  Reel Works personally enriches students and welcomes young minds into the industry.

The Foundation-provided funds support the production of student films in the Master Lab program, connecting high school students and young adults with paid internships in New York media companies, and the development of credentials for teaching media in classes of young people. This accomplishment is a huge service to the diversity of media perspectives.  Participants of Reel Works report increased confidence and aptitudes for professional communication. Time Warner Foundation is proud to champion that.

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