Akin Salawu

(The Public Theater, Tribeca Film Institute)

RECENT WORK I Stand Corrected. While in rehab, a paralyzed 9/11 fireman, an Iraq Vet amputee, an aneurysm survivor and a hate crime victim learn to fall seven times, but get up eight.

MY WORK is inspired by my own recovery from an aneurysm I suffered while a freshman in college. Because of that and my perspective on the world, I’m pretty good at finding the tiniest glimmer of light in the darkest caverns.

WHAT’S COOL ABOUT WRITING For me, writing is always about riding the rapids. When you’re writing, you always think you’re going to the roughest part or the steepest drop. And when you survive it, you realize it wasn’t the steepest drop. And you’re ready for the next one.