Chisa Hutchinson

(Atlantic Theater Company)

RECENT WORK The Subject, a documentarian has a crisis of conscience because he has built his success on the gang-related death of one of his subjects. And Dirt Rich, five kids from the projects have to figure out what to do after they find a huge wad of cash buried near their playground.

I TEND TO WRITE FOR PEOPLE who rarely get to see themselves on stage, myself included. Commercially speaking, this is perhaps not the most brilliant strategy. But I’m banking on art becoming a lot more important when people see that they are an important part of it.

FOR PARENTS: I’ve got a Baptist, a Pentecost, a Jew, a blue-eyed Buddhist, a black Panamanian, and a half-black, half-Japanese agnostic. Not a day goes by that I don’t find something sublimely beautiful or supremely irritating.

MY WORK, IN SIX WORDS: Angry – type, type, scribble, type – happy.