Lloyd Suh

(Ma-Yi Theater Company)

MY PARENTS are first generation Korean American. They live in the great state of Indiana where I was raised and educated. I can’t really quantify the impact that has on my work, but since it’s absolutely at the core of my self-identity, it can’t help but be at the core of my writing too.

WHO DO I WRITE FOR? Myself, I suppose. But of course I’m always conscious of and eager to engage audiences too, so I guess the real answer is that I write for myself and for you. Yeah, that’s right. You.

THE FIRST INKLING I had of wanting to be a writer came when I was pretty young. But then I changed my mind a bunch, thinking maybe I’d be President instead, or a second baseman, or start a damaged post-punk art-rock band. By the time I finished college I realized that writing is what I wanted to do all along.