Lynn Nottage

(New Dramatists, Second Stage Theatre, True Colors Theater Company)

RECENT WORK Ruined is a story of a shrewd businesswoman, Mama Nadi, who runs a brothel in a mining town in Congo, and the three young women she both exploits and shelters. In 2004 I traveled to East Africa to interview Congolese women fleeing the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I was interested in giving voice and audience to African women living in the shadows of war.

MY INTEREST IN THEATER and storytelling began in my mother’s kitchen, a meeting place for her large circle of friends. It was in many respects the first performance space that I ever encountered. I often imagine a circle of friends as my audience.

MY WORK, IN SIX WORDS: Brooklyn. Womanist. Cantilevered. Love. Reclamation. Intrepid.