Michi Barall

(Ma-Yi Theater Company)

RECENT WORK A contemporary re-making of Euripides’ Iphigenia in Tauris, combining text, dance, music and video to explore and re-contextualize what was one of the most popular Ancient Greek tragedies. I remain, I hope, very true to Euripides, the bad boy of Athens, as the classicist Daniel Mendelsohn likes to call him.

MY PARENTS were both born in countries defeated in the Second World War. They left their countries of origin and immigrated to Canada. My little brother, who I adore, is mentally handicapped. So I grew up in a household where everyone spoke English in their own peculiar way, and I think it attuned me to language in this very deep way.

MY WORK, IN SIX WORDS: What can I get away with?