Raúl Castillo

(Labyrinth Theater Company,The Public Theater)

RECENT WORK Bus Accident Play. A woman from New York City travels to South Texas to meet the estranged family of her dead lover. It’s a story about the nature of romantic love and whether we are capable of finding love again after loss.

MY PARENTS are from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico. I grew up partly in McAllen, TX, in the Rio Grande Valley and partly in Reynosa. I’ve always had a predisposition towards nosiness—I ask my folks a lot of questions. Perhaps my own curiosity has had the greatest impact on my work.

WHEN I WAS IN FOURTH GRADE, I started writing a novel about a group of kids in a rock and roll band who are transported to another universe. I didn’t get past page 10, but it was pretty clear to me then that I was going to be a writer.